Sunday, June 9, 2013

RH door skin attached

This was a day I thought would never come. The door frame was ready, and the door skin was ready. The time had come to do the deed. I was more than a little apprehensive, because I knew that this was a job I had to get right the first time. Having never done it before, I had zero wiggle room.

As the pics show, I used a variety of Vise-Grips to hold the door skin in place, and several sizes of channel lock pliers to bend the flange around the edge of the frame.

The trick is to get it started, then to take a very small bite with each squeeze and gradually work the flange along. The only problem I ran into was muscle fatigue and blisters. Even though I wore gloves I had blisters for a week.

Well, there was another problem, but this one seems unavoidable. All along the edge the nice, pristine skin the pliers left a small line of disruption. Mostly looks like a narrow, shallow dent. No doubt a factory installer could avoid this, but for my first attempt I think this went very well.

BMW130609-01 BMW130609-02 BMW130609-03
BMW130609-04 BMW130609-05 BMW130609-06
BMW130609-07 BMW130609-08 BMW130609-09
BMW130609-10 BMW130609-11 BMW130609-12
BMW130609-13 BMW130609-13 BMW130609-14
BMW130609-15 BMW130609-16 BMW130609-17
BMW130609-18 BMW130609-19

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