Sunday, January 12, 2014

Engine almost together

Painting the block took longer than I thought it would, but it is done. The head is on. Last week I stayed home nursing a cold. Today I installed the new camshaft sprockets.

There is a trick to installing the timing chain not mentioned in the workshop manual.

  • Start by removing the  tensioner completely from the front cover. Be sure to remove the spring so it doesn't fall on the ground when you have your back turned. 
  • Install the sprockets just enough to turn the cams. 
  • Ensure the crank is nowhere near TDC and rotate cams until timing marks are slightly below front cover. 
  • Remove sprockets.
  • While ensuring the chain does not foul on anything, rotate crank (same direction it goes in) to roughly 30 deg before TDC. 
  • Ensure chain is not engaged on crankshaft sprocket.
  • Install exhaust sprocket. Snug bolt but do not tighten.
  • Rotate crankshaft to TDC and engage chain at crankshaft, check alignment of exhaust sprocket.
  • Install intake sprocket.
  • Install tensioner, adjust for 0.5 in. drop of chain between sprockets.
  • Rotate crankshaft a couple of turns and come up slowly to TCD. Ensure sprocket marks line up with top edge of front cover.
  • Torque sprocket bolts to 26 ft. lbs.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Finding Time to Paint

The holidays have been frantic but I have managed to spend some time at the shop. As of today I have everything I took off painted with POR-15 except the block.

While eating lunch I spotted the clutch cable bracket laying on the floor. That will need the treatment even though it is not coming off. Really should do the shift linkage, too.

Another must do with engine out -- replace the coolant pipes. Where did I put them?