Sunday, January 13, 2008

2008 Off to a good start

I had a great day at the shop today. First I finished what I started last week, making templates to align the section under the rear window. After that I removed the trunk and cut away the rusty piece with a die grinder.

Last week began with making a cradle for my welder's gas bottle. It's very simple, just 2 x 4s nailed together. I angled the bottle so that the regulator doesn't stick out from the cart.

The templates are made of aluminum. Their purpose is to locate the peak of the window opening after I cut away the rusted section. I might of made them too precise, but I wasn't sure what I would need. Turned out to be very tedious work, file and check, file and check ...

BMW010608-01.JPG BMW010608-02.JPG BMW010608-03.JPG BMW010608-04.JPG
Simple wooden cradle for my argon gas bottle. I tilted the bottle so that the valve and regulator do not stick out.

BMW010608-05.JPG BMW010608-06.JPG BMW010608-07.JPG
Fabricating templates from aluminum to position patch.

BMW011308-01.JPG BMW011308-02.JPG
Two shots of the trunk hinge mechanism before removing. I scribed a cut line with orange grease pencil just above the top of the weather-seal lip.

BMW011308-03.JPG BMW011308-04.JPG
After first pass with cut-off wheel.

BMW011308-05.JPG BMW011308-06.JPG
At last the rusted out piece is out. The area inside this boxed-in section looks better than expected.

Next job is to measure for second bend of replacement section. I now plan to put the top under the existing piece to minimize interference with window. As I am making the patch I will treat this area with POR-15.