Monday, May 6, 2013

RH door window trim rough fit

Rain today so no painting. Besides, need to get more gray POR-15.

Too many drips along the edges where the skins will clamp to allow a good fit. Sanded down with block sander and 80# paper.

Worked on how window opening trim piece will fit. Factory spot welded top of skin and frame. Not sure this is necessary. At most I might epoxy them. Both are wedged inside the window trim, so any additional fastening seems like overkill. Posted this question on Bimmerforums.

BMW130505-01 BMW130505-02

Details of rubber and felt inserts, which I removed. Rubber destroyed.

BMW130505-03 BMW130505-04 BMW130505-05
BMW130505-06 BMW130505-07 BMW130505-08
BMW130505-09 BMW130505-10 BMW130505-11

Finger pointing to where skin edge and frame edge meet along top of window opening.

BMW130505-26 BMW130505-27

Window opening trim in place.

BMW130505-28 BMW130505-29 BMW130505-30